Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Voter ID Racist? Meet Dorothy Cooper

Dorothy Cooper is a 96 year old Tennessee resident whose voting rights are going to be taken away because she doesn’t have government issued identification. 
That's how Aaron Sorkin's fictional news program opened its broadcast during last week's season finale.  Dorothy Cooper is a real life Tennessee resident who Sorkin uses to try and reinforce the false assertion that efforts to protect the integrity of elections by requiring voter ID are really disguised efforts to disenfranchise minorities. There's just one problem with the story...

Dorothy Cooper has valid voter ID.

At no point was Dorothy Cooper ever denied her right to vote.  In fact, she was provided with free transportation and a free photo ID by the state.  There was a brief mix up regarding the documentation she provided proving her identity, but this was corrected by state workers within days.

The Tennessee voter ID law goes even further than providing free voter ID to people like Mrs. Cooper.  The law exempts voters living in nursing homes or assisted living facilities from the ID requirements.  It also exempts those who can not get to the polls or to state offices to pick up their free ID by allowing absentee ballots to be cast without a voter ID.

Dorothy Cooper remembers voting in every election, but one since she was able.  In all the decades she's been casting her ballot she has never had an issue, even before the 1960's Voting Rights Act was passed.  This time was no different.  In March of 2011, with her voter ID in hand, Dorothy Cooper went to the polls and cast her ballot.

The one difference for Dorothy between that election and all the ones prior was that that time she could be confident her vote was not cancelled out by a fraudulent ballot.


Anonymous said...

if you bothered to watch the show, the character was remarking on the possibility of Mrs Cooper not being able to vote - not that she didn't vote. The fact that her documentation was in question was the something she was able to catch and work with the state workers. Not everyone would be that lucky to catch those things.

As far as a fraudulent ballot - PLEASE. Go ahead and cite all of the thousands of ballot fraud in the USA. You can't. That is just another lie to try and justify these stupid laws.

theKansasCitian said...

I did what, thanks. Maybe you should pay closer attention.

"Dorothy has been voting for 75 years, but this year, she's been told she can't."


You want examples of vote fraud? Let's go down the list:

Deceased voters on rolls in MO, fraudulent votes steels MO primary, and Robin Carnahan's refusal to update voter rolls:

Union official caught on tape advocating vote fraud

"Public records released in New Mexico today confirm that fraudulent voter registrations are in fact turning into fraudulent votes."

GAO confirms illegal immigrant voting:

Fraudulent votes cast for Obama:

Obama campaign staffers admit to filing fraudulent registrations and ballots:

MO Watchdog confirms nearly 300 votes cast by deceased voters in recent KS/MO elections:

Please, do your homework instead of really on the liars in the Democrat party.

theKansasCitian said...

watch, not what...

theKansasCitian said...

steal, not steels... proof reading is always a good idea. lol

theKansasCitian said...

wow... relying not really. Horrible job of proofreading before posting by yours truly.

Anonymous said...

during last week's season finally

I think it should be season finale, not finally.

Anonymous said...

Election fraud from 1960, in Chicago:

However, a special prosecutor assigned to the case brought charges against 650 people, which did not result in convictions.[21] Three Chicago election workers were convicted of voter fraud in 1962 and served short terms in jail.[21] Mazo, the Herald-Tribune reporter, later said that he found names of the dead who had voted in Chicago, along with 56 people from one house.[21] He found cases of Republican voter fraud in southern Illinois, but said the totals didn't match the Chicago fraud he found.[21] After Mazo had published four parts of an intended 12-part voter fraud series documenting his findings which was re-published nationally, he says Nixon requested his publisher stop the rest of the series so as to prevent a constitutional crisis.[21] Nevertheless, the Chicago Tribune wrote that "the election of November 8 was characterized by such gross and palpable fraud as to justify the conclusion that [Nixon] was deprived of victory."[21] Had Nixon won both states, he would have ended up with exactly 270 electoral votes and the presidency, with or without a victory in the popular vote.

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