Monday, August 20, 2012

Should Akin Quit the Campaign?

Over the weekend Todd Akin made what is likely a career ending gaffe when he told a local news station that 'legitimate rape' victims rarely get pregnant.  Despite the studies that back up Akin's remarks, the vast majority of Americans support exceptions for abortion in cases of rape and incest.  However right or wrong those beliefs maybe is irrelevant to the upcoming Senatorial election in Missouri.

Todd Akin, who narrowly defeated two other GOP contenders in the recent Missouri primary, was the beneficiary of hundreds of thousands 1.5 million dollars in last minute campaign spending by the incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill in her desire to pick her general election opponent.

His comments have already been rebuked by the GOP presidential ticket and other Republicans.  If Akin were to drop out now, the state Republican party would have time to nominate a quality replacement.  Two names that immediately come to mind are his former primary challengers, John Brunner and Sarah Steelman, both of which are polling higher than McCaskill.

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