Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Kansas Wins PAC Entirely Funded by Casino and Dog Track Owner Phil Ruffin

The Kansas Wins PAC filed its statement of origin on July 26, just days before the deadline.  The new PAC is entirely funded by Phil Ruffin, casino and dog track owner, who contributed just under $145,000.  However, at the time of filing its S/O the PAC neglected to report any connection to Phil Ruffin.  Only after filing a late pre-primary receipts and expenditures report did the PAC amend its S/O report to include Ruffin.

The PAC is being used to provide in-direct contributions through mailers and radio ads to 6 "moderate" GOP candidates throughout the state.  Those candidates are  Sen Tim Owens, Schodorf, Umbarger, Teichman, Godeau, and Allen.  The amount the PAC spent promoting these candidates was just over $20,000 each.

In the case of Senator Tim Owens, he already enjoys a near 2 to 1 money advantage over his opponent Jim Denning.  When figuring in these new in-direct contributions that advantage grows significantly.

According to the candidates' campaign finance reports Phil Ruffin also maxed out his individual contributions to each of the candidates his PAC is supporting.

Phil Ruffin currently resides in Wichita Kansas, which is also the home of David and Charles Koch.  While the liberals and the media enjoy bashing the Kochs and claiming they have undo influence in Kansas politics because of their wealth, when it comes to influencing the 2012 elections, Phil Ruffin is outspending them by a fairly large margin .

Ruffin's goal is to get the Kansas legislature to approve slot machines for his failed greyhound race track in Wichita.

A second PAC has been setup recently called the Wichita Wins PAC.  According to its receipts and expenditures report has received nor spent any money as of yet.  It is unclear whether this PAC has any relation to the Kansas Wins PAC, but we can't help but wonder if there isn't one that is currently being hidden.


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