Wednesday, August 1, 2012

KCTV5 Caught Plagiarizing Promo

A California-based blogger is rather upset with KCTV5 for ripping off a promo created for WCCO in Minnesota:
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?
I call it stealing. If they had taken the idea and rewritten it - I'd have no problem. WCCO doesn't own the idea of a strong, prideful community. But I believe they do own the exact words they worked hard to write.
Don't take some random bloggers' words for it, judge for yourself:

Oh wait, you can't because the KCTV5 ad has mysteriously disappeared from the web as soon as John Landsberg at Bottom Line Communications told of the story (Note: Bottom Line has since pulled the story after speaking with others in the promo business who claim stealing others work is routine.  But, what happened in this case is not just borrowing of an idea or theme, it was a word for word copy of another person's ad copy.  I wonder if this blog started copying word for word KCTV 5's stories without crediting them or linking to original source if they'd have a problem with it?).

The KCTV5 ad was originally posted online by its "creator," emmy winning producer Tye Murphy.

Apparently, Mr. Murphy would like to keep it under wraps that his ideas are less than original.

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