Friday, August 3, 2012

Chick-fil-A Same-Sex Kiss Day EPIC FAIL

I've largely stayed out of the whole Chick-fil-A gay marriage hubbub largely for the reasons I've mentioned before.  I don't think churches should be forced to perform marriage ceremonies against their beliefs and I don't see how the government recognizing same-sex domestic partnerships hurt anyone.

Throughout history marriage has traditionally been a symbolic ceremony reserved for churches.  They were meant to be a public, life long commitment between a man and a woman.  To add weight to that commitment, vows are taken in a church before God.  Breaking that vow, therefore, would be an affront to the all mighty.

Unfortunately, the integrity of Americans have declined significantly over the last 150 years and people just don't seem to mind breaking their vows, whether it be to love one another as long as you both so shall live or to defend the United States Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

The truth is marriage licenses weren't even required by the U.S. government until after the Civil War.  The rules regulating the granting of a state issued marriage licenses say nothing about love or vows.  The state issued marriage license is simply a legal document that regulates the future division of assets and responsibilities when a domestic partnership dissolves.  A state issued marriage license is literally no different than a business license for a business partnership.  One defines partnerships for household expenses and assets, the other for business entity assets and expenses.

Having said all that, the reason the Chick-fil-A Same-Sex Kiss Day is an EPIC FAIL is because the issue that the media and Democrats would like you to believe is the 'civil rights issue of our time' simply isn't.

According to the latest U.S. Census data, same-sex couples account for less than one percent of U.S. households.  But that hasn't stopped liberal activists, who appear to be trying to channel their inner Republican, from wanting to make gay marriage a civil rights issue comparable to the inequality of women and blacks suffered at the hands of Democrats in the first half of the 20th century.

To put it plainly, you won't find legions of same-sex couples making out in Chick-fil-A lobbies across America because there simply aren't that many of them available to do so.  There are very few homosexuals in our society and there are even fewer homosexuals who want to get married.


Anonymous said...

Most same-sec couples are college-educated, employed people, and are out making a living and making a difference - too busy to bother.

By contrast, how many out-of-work shitheel morons showed up the other day? They're a dime a dozen.

Case closed.

theKansasCitian said...

Yeah, that must be it. LOL

Try again.

Cognitive characteristics and homosexuality. (eng)

By: Willmott M, Brierley H, Archives Of Sexual Behavior [Arch Sex Behav], ISSN: 0004-0002, 1984 Aug; Vol. 13 (4), pp. 311-9; PMID: 6487075;

There have been many studies of psychological characteristics of homosexuals, but cognitive characteristics have been relatively neglected. This study investigated the verbal intelligence of 20 homosexual males, 20 heterosexual males, and 20 females, taking into account variables likely to affect verbal ability such as social class and handedness. There were no differences in overall IQ, but group differences in verbal and nonverbal ability were marked. No other differences between the groups were found. The implications are briefly discussed.

Anonymous said...

Turns out the number of same-sex couples is even lower than the census reported:

Apparently, the way the census identified same-sex households is just by include every household with two same-sex adults as a same-sex household. The paper linked above, which was issued by the census, estimates this methodology resulted in a statistically significant over estimation.

Michael Repper said...

Legalizing Gay Marriage has nothing to do with churches. Churches can deny a marriage ceremony to anyone they wish.

The issue is the marriage certificate issued by the state. Currently gay people cannot obtain a marriage certificate in most states. That's what would be legalized, the secular marriage certificate from the state.

Just to illustrate the point, a white church in Mississippi recently refused to allow a heterosexual black couple from being married because they did not want black people being married in their church.

Churches cannot be forced to marry gay people and that is not the issue.

xLexi_The_Epicx said...
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thekansascitian said...

I wish what you claim about just wanting a legal document recognizing their union were true, because the issue would be a lot more simple. The unfortunate thing is many states have suggested civil unions and they have been rejected by gay marriage advocates. I personally think the government should get out of the "marriage" business and only offer domestic partnership licenses.

Hutchinson, KS ordinance would force churches to host gay marriages:

The gay marriage advocates have a global organization pushing for just that.

In England:

In DenmarK:

Lastly, let's not forget the federal government has been crapping all over religious freedom since Obama took office:

As for your church example, if you looked into further than just a headline, you'd have found that not only was the black couple long time members of the church, but the pastor claims he was threatened by a couple people not to let the ceremony be held there. The remaining congregation stood up and ridiculed those few individuals.

But that hasn't stopped the mainstream media from running around with a half truth trying to brand the entire congregation of the church as backwards racists.

How long before someone destroys the property of the church like they did when they graffitied chick-fil-a restaurants?

As I have said, I don't see how issuing domestic partnership licenses to hetero and homosexual couples hurts anyone. But, religious organizations need to have their property and religious freedom protected.

Gay marriage advocates want to reverse 5000 years of recorded tradition... they can't expect it to be easy, even if they have support of the media and hollywood who are willing to drastically exaggerate the impact of traditional marriage laws.

Michael Repper said...

Your local Kansas ordinance is quite different than what is being sought on a state-wide basis around the country.

The fact remains that churches in the USA cannot be forced to marry gay people.