Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Steve Rose By Any Other Name Would Still Smell Like Bullsh!t

What is the heir to a local media empire to do when faced with the reality that he squandered and abused his birthright?  If your Steve Rose, the answer seems to be to blame others for his disfunction.

When Steve Rose  reflected upon the responses he received to his previous column in which he falsly claimed to be witness to a vast rightwing conspiracy, he didn't search his soul to try and understand why his ideals have so drastically strayed from those of the political party he claims to support.  Instead, he looked at those who disagree with him and found that the depravety lays with them.
I am a RINO, according to many of the responses I have received from recent columns when I took exception to the agenda of the radical wing of the Republican Party.

I think of myself as pretty Republican. I almost always vote Republican. I watch Fox News. I listen to conservative talk radio. I hang around with people who claim to be Republican. And I am very opposed to what I believe is liberalism.

My priorities do not always match up with the ultra-conservatives who control the Republican Party in Kansas, so I am no longer a voice to be bothered with. I am one of “them.”

Rose claims to believe the most important function of government is education.  Apparently to him, if you believe schools have a responsibility to spend taxpayer money wisely and to provide proven results, this somehow makes you 'ultraconservative' and anti-education. 

Does Rose really believe that conservative Republicans do not want high quality education for their children?  Does he think conservative leaders like Rep. Greg Smith, who also happens to be a Shawnee Mission public school teacher, want to deprive fellow teachers of decent paychecks and quality benefits?

The truth is Rose cares nothing about education.  What Rose really cares about is that the companies of his friends continue to receive lucrative construction contracts for building new schools or remodeling existing ones.  What Rose cares about is that those same friends repay his journalistic efforts to further their agenda with more false accolades for his mantle.

What Steve Rose really cares about is Steve Rose and nothing could be more damaging to his sense of self worth then his continued slide into obscurity as voters wakeup to his bullsh!t.

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