Friday, July 13, 2012

Vice Presidential Nominee Condi Rice Would be a Monumental Disaster for the Romney Campaign

Mitt Romney has problems with conservative Republicans.  Yet, according to the Drudge Report instead of picking a conservative vice presidential running mate, he seems poised to select a partner that is even more "moderate" than himself, Condoleeza Rice.  Bill Kristol, infamous head of the neo-conservative movement, sites comments by Ann Romney that her husband is focused on picking a female candidate as evidence backing up Drudge's claims.

Unfortunately, adding Rice to the presidential GOP ticket is anything but a clear and sound choice.

Rice would bring some positives to the ticket.  She currently maintains one of the highest approval ratings of all government officials, with 66%.  Her selection would also show that Republicans are more than willing to embrace not only a female, but a black one.

However, Rice has never run for political office and it is safe to say her approval numbers will drop rapidly once the DNC turns its attention towards her.  In addition, Republicans already know race and gender play no roll in their decisions to support candidates.  Popular GOP names like West, Thomas, Rubio, Cain, Jindal, and Haley speak directly to that.  Selecting Rice then can only be seen as embracing leftist policies of  division based on race and gender.

Despite Rice's positives, she has many negatives.  One that has already been pointed out by many is her pro-choice position.  Another would be her relative inexperience in campaigning for office.  More than those, though, are her unknowns.

Condi Rice is a 57 year old professional. She has never been married and has no children.  Her two closest friends are not only far left, but one is openly gay and the other refuses to disclose her sexual orientation.  Rice owns a home and has a line of credit with the latter friend.  Rice's sexual preference matters little to me, but this circumstantial evidence will lead to the inevitable questions from leftwing detractors that Rice is a closeted lesbian, an allegation that has already been alleged by Democrat Sen. Barbara Boxer.  The media and leftwing bloggers will dig into her virtually unknown past and try to find anything and everything they can that backs up that allegation.

Even more, Rice's stances on Obamacare, taxes, spending, illegal immigration, property rights, and a entire host of other issues are complete unknowns.

It seems the only sound belief Rice brings to the ticket, one that the establishment GOP has latched onto, is her belief that America's role is to provide leadership throughout the world.  In other words, Rice has subscribed whole-heartedly to a neo-conservative Israeli centered foreign policy, one that directly led to the Iraq War and quite possibly would lead to a war with Iran and Syria.

Selecting Rice as Romney's vie presidential running-mate is rife with too many unknowns and it plays right into Obama's propaganda that a Romney presidency would just mean four more years of the Bush administration.  To put it simply, it would be a disaster.

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Anonymous said...

Should be interesting to see the Left try to campaign against a black, female, pro-choice, pro-amnesty lesbian.