Monday, July 23, 2012

Rose Alleges Vast Right Wing Conspiracy in Kansas Primary Race

"There is a conspiracy," writes Steve Rose, the Kansas City Stars resident RINO.  "This conspiracy is not lurking in the shadows. It is transparent for all to see."

Who does Rose claim to be at the heart of this well orchestrated conspiracy?

None other than the liberal's favorite scapegoat, the Koch brothers, and Governor Sam Brownback, who Rose laments for stating publicly he will be campaigning for some conservative candidates.

What Rose conveniently forgets to mention about these conspirators is that the Koch brothers have spent very little money trying to influence Kansas elections in the past and even less this year.  Further more, Governor Brownback stated previously he would not endorse in the 2012 primaries.  He only reversed that decision when so-called "moderate" Republicans like Steve Rose went out of state to find a former GOP governor willing to stump for their hand picked cronies.  While on the campaign trail, Gov. Bill Graves declared, "the days of playing nice are over."

I suppose in Rose's mind it's legitimate to think Governor Brownback is just supposed to shut up and let the "moderates" in the party continue to obstruct the kind of economic reforms Kansas needs in order to remain competitive.

Rose claims tax and spending cuts amount to an extremist agenda.  He claims letting Kansans have a say on who their supreme court justices is a "radical" idea, so radical, apparently only 38 other states do it.  Under the current system, nearly half of Kansas school budgets go to expenses other than instruction and teacher pay.  And even though Kansas spends more per student than the national average and school budgets will actually increase next year in most districts when all levels of funding are considered, Rose claims the governor and conservatives will "starve" the public school system.  

Maybe there is a vast conspiracy in Kansas politics.  Based on the simple truth that every allegation made by Rose in his latest trash editorial is entirely based on figments of his imagination, it's safe to say Rose is a part of that conspiracy.

A conspiracy that has seen the KC Star endorse a string of "moderate" candidates with a criminal history, going so far as to label one such candidate "stellar".

A conspiracy that landed the state of Kansas in the court of one notable "moderate" candidate's family friend because he didn't want to face a tough primary challenge and then that same candidate trying to stick taxpayers with his $166 thousand dollar legal bill.

A conspiracy in which big money developers are going out of their way to devote prime real estate to campaign signage for candidates who have pledged to support  an increase in taxpayer subsidized projects, like the Star Bonds program. 

Steve Rose warns us that conservatives will spend millions of dollars on negative ads this primary season.  With only 2 weeks left to campaign, the onslaught of attack ads from conservative candidates has been completely non-existent.  For those still looking for some vast conspiracy, one need look no further than the Kansas City Star where negative attacks on conservative candidates have been both constant and consistent throughout the entire 2012 election cycle.


Anonymous said...

"school budgets will actually increase next year in most districts when all levels of funding are considered."
What's your citation for that? No link, I notice ...

theKansasCitian said...

Let me try and understand. I, a lone blogger striving away in his free time to undo the disinformation being spewed by the Star, need to source all my information, but Steve Rose, a "professional" journalist, being paid, can make any claim he wants without being held to the same standard... okay, I'll play your silly little game.

First, if you have read this blog at all you'd know we have covered this issue in the past, so you will have to forgive me for assume you might use the little search function built into the top of this site to help find the info on your own. Here is just one source that breaks down the numbers.