Friday, July 6, 2012

KCMO Teachers Union Fears Teachers Being Graded

It should come as no surprise that the teachers union in the failing Kansas City Missouri School District doesn't want teachers to be graded on their performance:
As the Kansas City school board opened a discussion continuing this month about setting standards of expected student test growth for teachers, the union president Andrea Flinders warned they were venturing down a “dangerous” path.
To be fair, virtually every teacher interviewed by the Red Star said pay for performance was a good idea.

“These teachers who actively change their practices, who hone their skills to learn the strategies it takes — they should be rewarded," said East High School teacher Fatimah Daud.
“But for me,” [Geron Tatum] said, “what students am I producing? This is what my job is: Are they learning? If not, I’m not effective.”
Bring on performance-based evaluations, say Bonner Springs School District elementary teachers Anna Lavely and Molly Dykman.  Professionals in most fields are judged and rewarded for their performance, they said.


Anonymous said...

The teachers are immaterial in this situation. It is the demographics of the KCMO school system that are the greatest obstacle to better performance. You could round up the best teachers from across the nation, bring them here, and you'd still have the same results.

momsaid said...

Marva Collins taught children in her West Side Prep who had been labeled disabled, retarded, unteachable, etc. They were from the slums of Chicago, living in dangerous neighborhoods. They learned Shakespeare, Latin, History, Mathematics, Science...and they excelled. Most went on to college and good careers. Laying everything on the parents (most of whom are trapped in rotten school districts with no alternatives to save their children) is a cop-out of the first order. Also, if they are from rotten homes, school may be their only chance to get out. Higher standards work. Teachers should use them.

Anonymous said...

Replace the KCMO school districts' kids with Chinese, Jews, Germans, English, Koreans, or Russians, and you will see better results. Demographics matter. People are not fungible.