Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kansas "Moderate" Republicans Rate Worse than Democrats on Economic Issues

A new report entitled the Kansas Economic Freedom Index reveals just how radical the so-called "moderate" Republicans are in Kansas.

The report was produced by Americans for Prosperity – Kansas, Kansas Policy Institute and Voice for Liberty in Wichita.  It is intended to provide non-partisan analysis of a broad range of economic issues of concern to Kansans.  It looked at a wide range of factors like increasing or cutting spending, improving services provided by the government, infringing on individual rights, and much more and rates members of the legislature based on their votes  impacting those issues.

According to the report famous gerrymanderer Senator Tim Owens of the 8th district rated the worst among all Senators, including Democrats.  Not surprisingly his fellow "moderates," Sen. John Vratil and Terrie Huntington, didn't score much better.

The report also revealed one of the primary reasons the Kansas legislature was unable to make progress on a host of issues ranging from tax reform to redistricting.  The entire Senate leadership scored neutral or negative.

The following Kansas Republicans scored worse than Democrats, revealing just how "moderate" these Republicans truly are:

House members:
  • Bob Brookens  - District 70
  • Tom Sloan  - District 45
  • Vern Swanson  - District 64
  • Barbara Bollier  - District 25
  • Don Hill  - District 60
  • Charles Roth - District 71
  • Pete Brungardt - District 24
  • Roger Reitz - District 22
  • John Vratil - District 11
  • Tim Owens - District 8 **scored worse than all other KS Senators from both parties**
The following GOP Senators scored negatively:
  • Jay Emler Majority Leader - District 35
  • Jean Schodorf Asst. Majority Whip - District 25
  • Jeff Longbine  - District 17
  • Carolyn McGinn - District 31
  • Stephen Morris President - District 39
  • Terrie Huntington - District 7
  • Dwayne Umbarger - District 14

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