Monday, July 30, 2012

Jason Leib Continues to Promote His "Values" While Media Ignores His Alcohol Problem

Dave Helling of the Kansas City Star, same paper that endorsed Jason Leib while calling him a 'stellar candidate', gave a brief mention to the controversial past of Kansas House District 17 by confirming his DUI conviction in 2003.  What the Star neglected to mention was that Leib was also arrested for driving the wrong direction at the same time he was picked up for DUI, he also has an earlier arrest for contributing to the delinquency of minors by giving them alcohol, and he continues to promote his drinking habit on social networking sites like Twitter.

Despite all the evidence that has emerged that reveals Leib's brand of values, he continues to promote those values as the primary reason to elect him over Brett Hildabrand when questioned by the Shawnee Dispatch:
"I bring significant local experience and involvement in a cross-section of areas, including starting and owning a small business, as Chairman of the Lenexa Chamber of Commerce, as a public school parent and homeowner, serving on public panels and focus groups, as a member of civic groups, and through participation in community activities.  
We need a representative who’s accountable to the citizens of the district."
I suppose being convicted of DUI is one way to be held accountable to the citizens of his district, but it's probably not the kind of accountability they'd have in mind.

Leib goes on to attack his Hildabrand's credibility.
When it came time for re-election, my opponent resigned his previous seat and moved to a new district just before the filing deadline. I don’t think that’s accountability.  Note: Is this the kind of negative attacks Steve Rose at the Star said to expect from conservatives?
While Leib would like voters to believe Hildabrand is an opportunist, the fact is Hildabrand was drawn out of the 23rd district where he was the incumbent thanks to Sen. Tim Owens' gerrymandering efforts.  Hildabrand moved into the 17th district so that he could continue to support Shawnee voters.

Leib wants voters to know he is endorsed by some local Shawnee politicians.  What he doesn't want them to know is that he lied about having the support of at least one of those politicians, City Councilman Mickey Sandifer.

Constant partying, alcohol related crimes, lies, and negative campaigning, are these the kind of values Jason Leib thinks voters in Shawnee, Lenexa, and Lake Quivira are looking for?

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