Thursday, July 19, 2012

For $10 Identity Thieves and Democrats Can Purchase the Personal Information of Dead People

Great news, the Social Security Administration is selling the names, social security numbers, and other personal information of dead people for just $10.  Illegal immigrants hoping to defraud the country's welfare systems and Democrats wanting to steal elections are cheering the news.
In a congressional hearing in May, IRS deputy commissioner Steven Miller said that as of mid-April, his agency had already flagged 91,000 tax returns that were filed under the names of recently deceased individuals.
And the identities of dead people aren't just being stolen for tax-related fraud. A recent report from fraud prevention firm ID Analytics showed that identity thieves also steal the personal information to apply for credit cards, cell phones and anything else requiring a credit check (tKC: Including illegally voting). About 2.4 million deceased Americans each year get their identities stolen each year -- amounting to a rate of more than 2,000 thefts per day.

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