Tuesday, July 31, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Leib's Campaign Financed by Retail Liquor Industry

After Jason Leib, candidate for Kansas House District 17, filed his campaign finance report, he decided to celebrate with a few friends at Barley's Brewhaus.  While I am certain Leib enjoyed sampling some of the Abita Brewing Company's fine beers at their seasonal kickoff party, Shawnee voters should be concerned that even at a time when a spotlight has been shined on the candidate's issues with drinking he can't seem to keep himself away from it.

The Kansas Citian has learned through official filings that Leib's campaign is being financed by several liquor stores and liquor store owners.  Three liquor stores and their owners made financial contributions to Leib's campaign.  Another provided in-kind contributions to several campaign events held for the controversial candidate.

Leib's drinking became an issue in the campaign when it was revealed that he had a prior conviction for DUI and arrests for giving alcohol to minors and driving the wrong direction on the road while intoxicated.  The issue was further compounded when comments he made on social media sites surfaced revealing an apparent obsession with alcohol.

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