Friday, July 20, 2012

The Kansas Citian Has Confirmed Shooting Suspect Not Tea Party Member as Claimed by ABC

Update: Private Investigator Bill Warner is alleging James Holmes was a member of Occupy Wall St, suggesting the shooting is revenge for the film's portrayal of the movement.  Blogs have picked up on the story, though no real evidence has been presented to back up Warner's claims.

ABC initially claimed James Holmes, the suspect in last night's horrible shooting, was a member of the Denver Tea Party based on the listing of Jim Holmes as a member living in Aurora, CO.

In addition, Breitbart News has identified the suspect as a possible registered Democrat.

The Kansas Citian has contacted various members of the Denver Tea Party that attended an event with Jim Holmes and confirmed he is not the James Holmes being blamed by ABC News.

A tragedy like this should never be exploited to make a political statement.  It seems the mainstream media has learned nothing from the Gabriel Gifford incident.

Update: ABC News has apologized for making the unfounded allegation against Jim Holmes.

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Anonymous said...

So what if he were in the Tea Party? Does that mean the Tea Party must be broken up?