Tuesday, July 3, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Former KCMO 39th District State Rep. Candidate Jamie Barker Landes Target of FEC Complaint

When Jamie Barker Landes volunteered to represent seven plaintiffs challenging Missouri's 5th district map pro bono she thought she was doing a good deed as an engaged citizen and servant of the court.  Unfortunately, that good deed is now coming back to bite her in the ass.  

Landes has learned she is now the target of a frivolous FEC complaint that alleges her involvement in the redistricting case constituted an  illegal in-kind contribution to the Jacob Turk campaign.  "I participated in that case pro bono because I believed in the cause. The map is a gerrymander and does not serve the interests of the citizens of the former and current 5th Districts," Ms. Landes explained.

Ms Landes also pointed out she has neither endorsed nor volunteered for any of the candidates currently running in the 5th district race, which includes Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, who is currently being sued by Bank of America for walking away from a $1.1 million business loan.

By contrast, in a similar case across the state line, Kansas Senator Tim Owens is requesting the state cover his attorneys' fees to the tune of nearly $190,000.

It's a no win situation for Landes.  If she had filed for attorneys' fees her clients would have been criticized by supporters of Rep. Cleaver for trying to stick MO taxpayers with the bill.  By offering to represent her clients pro bono, she has opened her self up to targeted harassment by the left, a tactic that has become common and even violent at times.

When good people stand up to fight for issues they care about and end up the target of harassment from established politicians and their supporters, it's no wonder Kansas City politics is a cesspool of corruption.



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