Monday, July 2, 2012

Candidate Hopes to Ride Redistricting Controversy to Victory

Just when you thought things couldn't get any more controversial, a new candidate has thrown his hat into the ring.  Gerald Mander is hoping to shed light on the redistricting debacle and turn it into electoral victory with the launch of his new website

Gerald says that conservatives in the legislature were hell bent on presenting fair maps to the redistricting effort, but he could not endorse them because they didn't take into account his own political ambitions. He says he had no choice but to block those maps to force the issue into the courts.

"I worked for months to redistrict my opponents out of my district," said Mander. "I even got my friend on the court to help."

Even though Gerald was successful in eliminating one primary challenger, he says conservatives quickly organized to find another opponent for him. "I'm not worried.  Most people in the city are used to politicians who are corrupt and use the their political power to send tax dollars to their friends,"  Gerald continued.  "There is no way those voters will support someone who breaks from that tradition and tries to reform state government for the better."

This primary season voters will get that choice.  Only time will tell if Mr. Mander's predictions hold true.

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