Monday, July 16, 2012

Businesses That Obama Made Happen

According to President Obama, "If you’ve got a business -- you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen."  So let's take a look at those successful businesses that owe Barrack Obama a big thank you for making them happen by giving them billions of tax payer dollars and just how that help made them successful:

  • Solar Trust of America: filed for bankruptcy
  • Solyndra: filed for bankruptcy
  • LSP Energy: filed for bankruptcy
  • Energy Conversion Devices: filed for bankruptcy
  • Abound Solar: filed for bankruptcy
  • Beacon Power: filed for bankruptcy
  • Ecotality: Under SEC investigation for financial filing irregularities
  • A123 Solar: Layoffs, recalls, and an announcement it only has 5 month's worth of cash left
  • UniSolar: filed for bankruptcy  
  • Azure Dynamics: filed for bankruptcy
  • Evergreen Solar: filed for bankruptcy
  • Ener1: filed for bankruptcy
  • Nevada Geothermal Power: Terminated registration with SEC to avoid financial filings

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