Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wisconsin Votes to Recall Public Employee Unions

With less than 30% of the vote counted, all major news outlets have declared Scott Walker the winner in Tuesday's recall election.

Once again, I find myself questioning the reporting on exit polling.  All evening media outlets have held the exit poll results closely to the vest not wanting to affect the outcome of the election.  But even as the polls closed and results started coming in, CNN was reporting exit polls showed the race in a dead heat, 50/50, way too close to call.  Yet that same CNN called the race just minutes later with far less than 50% of the votes being counted.  Clearly the exit polls could not have shown a tie or they would not have felt comfortable calling the election with such a small sampling of votes cast.  Do these news organizations feel no responsibility to report exit poll data accurately or is it just okay to make up results in-order to build drama and keep viewers glued to their TVs?

Back to the analysis of the results, it's clear Wisconsin voters have signaled their approval of measures enacted by Governor Walker, measures that simply asked public service employ union members to contribute to the cost of their own healthcare and retirement.  Since the measures went into effect, membership in the state's largest, non-teacher, public union had decreased by more than 60% signaling even public employees agreed that it was reasonable to expect them to contribute some small portion of their salaries to their benefits.

For those keeping score at home, that's one for commonsense and fiscal responsibility and zero for big government deficit spending.

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