Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Romney's Supermarket Moment - More Media Lies

In elder Bush's re-election campaign a video depicting the president's amazement over a bar code scanner gave the impression he was out of touch with the common man.  Many believe that candid moment sunk his campaign.  Now apparently, Romney has had his own supermarket moment when he appeared to express amazement at touch screen technology.

Or did he?

Here's the full clip from yesterday's campaign event.  As you will see, he wasn't "amazed" by the touch screen, but amazed out how efficient the private sector is at delivering what customers want versus how inefficient it was for the government to handle a simple change of address for an optometrist:

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smoore123 said...

Regardless he still sounded like an idiot and I believe the change of address burden is for doctors receiving medicare payments and is in place to prevent fraud and abuse.