Friday, June 22, 2012

Owens Tries to Stick Taxpayers With Bill For His Gerrymandering Escapades

Kansas' redistricting effort landed in the courts thanks to the gerrymandering efforts of KS Senator Tim Owens.  Now that a three judge panel containing one of his close friends has redrawn his opponent, Rep. Greg Smith (OP), out of his district, Owens' is calling it a win.  Apparently it wasn't enough of a win because Owens' and his attorneys are now seeking fees of $188,000 to be paid by tax payers.

One of the other most expensive claims was made by House Minority Leader Paul Davis (Dem), who is seeking $86,000.  Of the approximately $600,000 in attorneys' fees claims filed, Owens' and Paul's claims represent nearly half, with a combined claim of $274,000.  

Of the 27 plaintiffs the court allowed to intervene in the case that was originally filed by Robyn Essex, only 19 have filed claims for attorneys' fees.  It should also be noted Owens' former potential opponent Rep. Greg Smith and his attorney Judge John Rubin did not file any claims for fees.


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