Monday, June 4, 2012

Obama Justice Department to Monitor WI Recall Election for 1965 Voting Rights Act Violations

The same justice department that saw no problem with armed Black Panther militants harassing elderly white voters in the 2008 presidential elections will dispatch government thugs to protect polling places in Wisconsin ahead of tomorrow's election.  They claim they will be on the lookout for, "discrimination in the electoral process on the basis of race, color or membership in a minority language group," even though there have been no allegations in the past of violations having occurred or evidence to suggest there will be this time.

The recall election of WI Gov. Scott Walker is believed by experts to be a bell-weather to the upcoming re-election effort of President Obama.  Should Walker retain his seat, it will mean Wisconsonians have embraced his get tough, tea party inspired strategy of curtailing government spending.  Should he be recalled, it will be a win for big public unions and the Democrats who benefit from their contributions.

There is no evidence to suggest minorities will be disenfranchised in tomorrow's election.  The actions being taken by Eric Holder and Obama's Department of Justice can only be seen as an effort to influence the election towards a favorable outcome for their party.  Gov. Walker has been polling ahead of his opponent.

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