Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Obama Copies NJ Gov Christie in Campaign Stunt

Remember this from early May?

Apparently so does Obama and his campaign staff because they staged the very same experience this week for a student in Minnesota.

How do we know it was a staged campaign stunt and not an organic moment like the one Governor Christie had?  Let's take a look at the notes, which read as follows:

Please excuse Peter from school today.
He was with me.
Chris Christie

Mr. Ackerman,
Please excuse Tyler.
He was with me.
Barack Obama

Yeah, you might think that is pretty compelling evidence considering the Obama note is virtually verbatim to Christie's, but nope, that isn't it.

As it turns out, young Tyler Sullivan's father just happened to be the man who had the honor of introducing Obama at the event where the faux encounter occurred. Unlike the incident with Gov Christie, Tyler did not ask the president for a note, instead the president walked down to where Tyler had been conveniently sat in the front row and sought him out for the sole purpose of asking him if he needed a note for his teacher.

“While you were sitting there in the front and after the President had spoken, he actually — did he come up to you and offer something to you?” Sambolin asked. “How did you make that meeting?” 
‘Yeah, he came up and he asked me if he wanted an excuse note since I was missing school Friday,” the 11-year-old explained. “I was, like, uh — I was so shocked, I didn’t say anything.”
Despite the encounter being a clearly manufactured campaign ploy designed to mimic a similar spontaneous encounter between Chris Christie and a NJ student, every mainstream media outlet from ABC to CNN to MSLSD has pounced all over the story to lavish praise upon the president for being a man truly in touch with the plights of his subjects.

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