Friday, June 8, 2012

Norway Killer Played Video Games... Oh the Horror!

The trial of Norway mass murder Anders Breivik is being used to renew an age old attack on the interests of today's youth.  First they came after comic books, then rock n roll, then rap, and now this generation's sin is the vile video game.
He has previously stated that he played Warcraft, as well as another "first-person shooter" game called Modern Warfare, for hours daily.
There you have it, definitive proof video games make you violent.  Tens of millions of people play World of Warcraft and Call of Duty Modern Warfare across the globe, but one who carries out his out politically motivated violence is proof video games will turn kids into murdering sociopaths.

This is my favorite part of the story from ABC News:
In a March 2008 post on a web forum devoted to the game, user "Andersnordic" posted that the game had been responsible for making him "300kg, bald and pale," and told the game's developer Blizzard Entertainment, "You'll hear from my lawyer!"
So there you have it, Anders Breivik was out of his mind, he wanted to sue a video game company because it made him fat, pale, and bald... One problem with that theory, Anders was neither fat nor bald.  Apparently sarcasm is not a concept ABC News is familiar with.

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