Friday, June 29, 2012

The New Solution to the Lagging Housing Market

One of the biggest problems in the housing market is new home constructions are at a crawl or virtual stand still in most areas.  The lack of new construction projects is being brought on by an abundance of existing homes sitting on the market waiting for buyers.  In order to spur new home construction, the supply of existing homes needs to be drastically reduced.  

The crisis in the housing market that began in 2005 and eventually infected the entire economy of the world may finally be near an end.  There is now a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel thanks to one of the most unlikely of sources, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.  Enter the mandate.

The federal government should immediately pass a mandate requiring every non-home owner to go out and purchase a home within the next twelve months or pay a 75% income tax.  The revenues from tax receipts from non-compliers can be used to purchase some homes, which can then be turned in to cheap section 8 housing.  Those that do comply with the mandate, will help reduce inventories by buying up those existing homes.

There are other benefits to this proposed housing market mandate, primarily reducing the homeless epidemic that has seen tent cities popup all over the west coast.  By mandating all people without homes, which includes the homeless, purchase one of the existing homes for sale on the market the homeless population would be dramatically reduced.  It'd also help make areas of town safer and reduce the burden on our welfare systems.  Think about it.  No more scruffy looking people lounging around on the streets of the plaza begging for down payments on cheeseburgers.  No more filthy kids sleeping in their cars or hairy ladies with shopping carts full of cans fighting for space at the City Union Mission.  The new mandate authority of the federal government could be the gift that keeps on giving.

I wish I could take credit for this innovative idea of taxing behavior the elites in our society don't deem worthy, but I can't.  The idea originally came in 2008 from the very man who brought us the federal mandate to begin with.  Our dear leader, Barrack Hussein Obama.

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