Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Poll Reveals Obama's Support Among Blacks Significantly Down

It's common knowledge that black voters vote in a block, or is it?  Early we told you about Rep. Arthur Davis' jump to the GOP amid concerns over racial issues.  We showed you how the Obama campaign was targeting black voters and telling them they need to, "get his back."  Now a new poll from the left-leaning Public Policy Polling reveals Obama does indeed have a black problem.

In the 2008 presidential election Obama won black voters in North Carolina, receiving 95 percent of the vote.  Today's PPP poll shows his support among blacks has dropped to 76%.  Romney received 20%.

If these numbers hold true, Obama's re-election prospects will be severely hampered.


Anonymous said...

Don't get fooled by this. Blacks will vote near unanimously for obama in November.

Slate has a good article on politics and race. Here is an example of blacks, who normally oppose gay marriage, changing their views because obama supports it.

The wishful scenario many Republicans envisioned after Barack Obama’s change of heart this month on gay marriage—the president’s African-American base, far less supportive of expanding marriage than other parts of his coalition, becomes demobilized or even defects as a result of Obama’s stance—already seems unlikely to be realized. Last Thursday, Public Policy Polling revealed a 36-point swing in black support for gay marriage among Maryland voters, who will have the chance to legalize the practice in a November referendum, since PPP’s last poll on the subject in March. Then, 56 percent had been opposed to the new marriage law and 39 percent supported it. In May, PPP found the numbers nearly reversed: 55 percent supported, and 36 opposed. By all indications, black voters weren’t abandoning Obama over an issue on which they disagreed, but adjusting their opinions to match his.

smoore123 said...

This is one poll in one state done with a sample of 810 voters. Gallup has a long running tracking poll of 3,500 national voters that shows maybe a one point drop in Obama's approval rating among black voters since he endorsed gay marriage.