Monday, June 4, 2012

Milwaukee City Employee Uses Government Email System to Promote Get Out The Vote Effort Targeting Spanish Speaking Residents

Now we know what the federal government has dispatched poll watchers to Wisconsin ahead of tomorrow's recall election.  The watchers will be working to ensure people attempting to cast votes who are "in a minority language group" will not be prevented from casting possibly fraudulent ballots.

Earlier today, Nancy Burns, an employee with the City of Milwaukee sent a mass email to members of the Health Advocacy for Spanish Speaking Residents (HASSR) informing them of a major get out the vote effort targeting Spanish speaking individuals.  Gov. Scott Walker's opponent in tomorrow's recall election is none other than Tom Barrett, the Democrat Mayor of Milwaukee.

Gov. Walker was targeted for recall because of his tough stance on public employee unions that have been bilking the state for millions of dollars.  Even though doing so is illegal, it should come at no surprise that some public employees who disagree with Walker's initiatives would be willing to violate election laws by using government resources for campaigning.

To make matters worse, it seems clear these efforts are being directed at the state's illegal immigrant population who have no legal right to vote.  Even though most polls show Walker leading, the vote is expected to be tight and even a few illegal votes being counted could swing the election in favor of Barrett.

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