Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Eye Witness Reports Vote Fraud in Wisconsin Recall Vote

An eye witness calls in aboard one of four buses chartered by Democrats to bring Michigan residents into Wisconsin to cast illegal votes.  You have to hear it to believe it:

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Anonymous said...

Ridiculous claim... No pics, no names, nothing. Just like the GOP's claims of "voter fraud." Nothing of course. These claims pop up to dilute legitimate claims of election fraud grass roots voters are claiming- such as in Wisconsin earlier this week.

You want real election fraud with hard evidence? Check out Wisconsin's recall on June 5, where publicly conducted exit polls projected results pegged at 50/50, yet (miraculously) the race gets called for GOP governor Walker in less than an hour after polls close based on secretly tallied votes from programmed voting machines... So the exit polls have to be "adjusted" to reflect the election authority's totals... called "red shift."
Oh well... This can't go on much longer. Tick Tock traitors.