Thursday, June 14, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Telephone Tech Support Scams Hitting Missouri

As if computer users didn't have enough to worry about when browsing the web or reading email, now a new scam threaten's to put their security at risk.

Here are the details of the telephone scam that is completely separate from the text message scam that has the Missouri attorney general and local media all excited:

These scams involve an unsolicited telephone call advising they are from Microsoft, Windows Support, Dell or some other large or legitimate sounding company.  The caller claims they need to help fix or clean your PC, and will guide the user through the Microsoft event log and show them “warnings and errors.”  These errors are common and have nothing to do with malware infections.  Sometimes the “technician” will also guide the unsuspecting user to look at the running services or processes, and claim that these are also related to malware.
 Typically at this point the user is directed to download a remote access tool such as Ammyy or LogMeIn and allow the technician access into the computer.  The user is fooled into believing the technician is helping.  In the end important services may be disabled, and the user is asked to purchase a product or support to fix the PC.  The caller will ask a victim to disclose information pertaining to a credit card or bank account for payment, or for other personal information and passwords.
 There are many versions of this scam.  Additionally, online tech support companies may also participate in the same types of scams.  The bottom line is to never accept technical support from anyone unless you initiated the call to a known company or software vendor.  
For a look into some real life calls, search YouTube for technical support phone scams.
Several Missouri computer users have reported being targets of this new telephone scam in the last few days.  Please help spread the word.


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We can say scammers are everywhere and are active all the time….@theKansasCitian I do agree with ur post. Yes some companies are earning money by fooling customers but not all….i have seen many small organization use the name of big companies and fool customers…

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