Thursday, June 14, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Parents of Children Found Bound and Gagged at a Lawrence Wal-Mart Had Prior Convictions for Neglect

Whenever I see a mainstream news story about crime that releases details about where the perpetrators lived, but doesn't disclose their names or any other details, I always get a little suspicious.  Such was the case with the shocking arrest of two parents in Lawrence, KS, yesterday.  Concerned Wal-mart shoppers called police when they noticed multiple children bound and gagged in the back of an SUV.

Now that the parents have been charged their names are public record: Aldolfo Gomez Jr. and Deborah Gomez.

Here's where the story gets even more bizarre.  In 1998, the parents were convicted of child neglect for leaving their infant and 2 year old at home alone all night while they were at work.  The children were discovered when the toddler was found roaming the halls of the apartment complex where they lived.  The parents tried to excuse their actions by claiming they believed they had no choice but to leave them alone or lose their jobs.

The story doesn't end there.  The father was arrested in January of this year for reckless driving and driving without a license.  Let me repeat that, driving without a license.

When you listen to witness reports and media commentary about yesterday's incident, one thing is clear, people are surprised that something like this could happen here.  So, why did it happen here?

According to the same media reports that purposefully withheld the names of the parents, the family was traveling from Illinois to Arizona.  Those same reports also state the car broke down and they pulled into the Wal-mart, where it is believed they had been living in the parking lot for the past several days, as is apparent from the photo at the top of this story.

Why didn't they go to the police?  Why didn't they seek help?  Why did they bound and gag their kids?  The explanation could be staring us right in the face.  They are illegal immigrants.

Let's look at the evidence.  The parents left their infant child and toddler home alone while they went to work because they felt that if they stayed home with them they would lose their jobs.  Unfortunately, that's not the first time we've heard similar stories coming from the illegal immigrant community.

Another factor that leads us to suspect the parents are not in the country legally is the fact the father did not have a drivers license.  Again, this a common occurrence among illegal immigrants because they lack the proper documentation to obtain one.

Finally, whatever the reason for travelling to Arizona, when their 20 plus year old SUV broke down they feared asking for help.  The feared being discovered so much so that they bound and gagged their youngest children to prevent them drawing attention.

While all these factors are not definitive proof the parents are illegal immigrants, they do present a lot of evidence to support that conclusion.  The media's silence about the details of the parents just leads to further suspicion.

Illegal immigration is a huge problem that affects more than just our economy, jobs, healthcare costs, and more.  It poses a very real danger, both to the victims of criminal illegal immigrants and to the illegal immigrants themselves, who are exploited by employers and who fail to report crimes or other emergencies out of fear of deportation.

The best thing our country can do for the safety of illegal immigrants and the welfare of this country is to enforce existing immigration laws.


Anonymous said...

You are making a huge assumption about them being illegals. I knew this man 25 years ago when he was a teen. If you did your homework, you'd see that he's been arrested several times for drinking and driving and that is the probable cause for not having a drivers license.

Anonymous said...

he's 52, 25 years ago he was 27. nice try mr anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the husband, but the woman looks like American white trash.

Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote this article needs to be bound & gagged

Anonymous said...

The woman was actually not white trash and came from a very nice family. She is mentally ill. Her husband is not an illegal just an idiot. They are now divorced and have lost custody of their five children. Their children are bright and are recovering from the incident.