Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Crown Center Says 'No' to Fountain of Youth

The fountain that was designed and installed in the 1960's to be an interactive experience will no longer allow visitors to prance merrily through its cooling waters to escape KC's squelching heat. Crown Center has sited health concerns as the driving force behind the decision.  Apparently, instead of adding some chlorine to the water, they'll hire fountain police to keep children away.  I suppose the added jobs could be good news for Mayor Sly James whose been struggling to lower the city's unemployment rate.

The Crown Center announcement:
This summer we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of visitors to Crown Center. There are now more family-oriented things to see and do at Crown Center and other nearby attractions than ever before. As a result, this area is now a true hub for families from throughout Kansas City and the region to spend time together, and we couldn’t be happier about that. 
With the larger crowds, however, has come a growing concern about the safety of adults and children playing in the Crown Center Square Fountain. The increase in visitors also increases the potential for accidents, or for exposure to water-borne health issues in a facility that was never designed or intended to be a public pool. 
That’s why, effective immediately, people will no longer be allowed in the Crown Center Square Fountain. We know this will disappoint many people who have enjoyed a run through the fountains on a hot summer day, but guest safety is our utmost concern. Crown Center Security will ask anyone stepping into the fountains to move to nearby dry areas. 
The fountains will continue to operate, and will continue to offer periodic programmed water displays with music recorded by the Kansas City Symphony, so visitors can still enjoy the fountains – just not run through them any more.
A little note on the picture above, it is a recent cover photo from Crown Center's Facebook page, where they apparently had no problem promoting child's play in the fountain.


Kyle Rohde said...

I have to think this decision was a tough one for Crown Center to have to make, and not one they wanted to. They know perfectly well that entire generations of kids in this town have memories of playing in those fountains.

I have to think this was something decided by the attorneys after something happened, or almost happened, that caused them to decide they were far too liable to continue doing it the same way anymore.

Anonymous said...

A half century of tradition out the window for one incident? Shame on Crown Center.