Friday, June 8, 2012

Al Qaeda's No 2 Killed in Drone Strike? More False Bravado by Obama Administration

Al-Libi's death was "another serious blow to core al Qaeda," claims White House spokesman Jay Carney.  "Drone strike kills no. 2 in Al Qaeda," states a headline by the NYTimes.  The truth, Al-Libi was nothing more than a glorified member of Al Qaeda's HR staff that barely registered on the government's radar.

Rewards for Justice, a site that details government sponsored bounties shows the bounty for Al-Libi was only $1 million.  Compare this to other members of Al Qaeda like al-Zawahiri $25m, Abu Du'a $10m, Mullah Omar $10m, Hafiz Mohammad Saeez $10m, Yasin al-Suri $10m, Ahmed Abdi Aw-Mohammad $7m, 34 others at $5m each, 2 others at $3m each, and another at $2m.

If money talks, and we all know it does, Abu Al-Libi barely ranked in the top 45 terrorist threats, hardly representative of someone who was supposedly Al Qaeda's number 2.

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