Monday, June 18, 2012

3 in 4 Doctors Will Quit Medicare if Obamacare Upheld

A scary new survey of doctors from the Doctor Patient Medical Association sheds some light on the bleak future of America's healthcare system if Obamacare is upheld by the Supreme Court.
  • 83% say they are thinking about QUITTING
  • 65% say GOVERNMENT INVOLVEMENT is most to blame for current problems
  • 72% say individual insurance mandate will NOT result in improved access care
  • 49% say they will STOP accepting Medicaid patients
  • 74% say they will STOP ACCEPTING Medicare patients, or leave Medicare completely
These numbers should scare even the most ardent supporter of the President's healthcare reform law.  Not only will wait times increase significantly and the industry fail to attract new doctors, but the poor and elderly will find it even more difficult to get the healthcare they need.

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