Monday, May 21, 2012

Three Judge Panel Headed by Chief Justice Vratil Rules Owens and Musil Can Intervene in Kansas Redistricting Suit

Despite their motions to intervene not fulfilling the requirements of not having their interests adequitely represented by existing plaintiffs, Greg Musil's and Sen Tim Owens' motions to intervene have been sustained by the three judge panel previously ordered by Chief Justice Mary Beck Briscoe.  The three judges on the panel include Chief Justice Briscoe, who inserted herself onto the panel, Judge John Lungstrum, and Chief Justice Kathryn H. Vratil.

Kansans familiar with politics in the state will immediately recognize the name Vratil.  Chief Justice Vratil is the former spouse of Kansas Senator John Vratil of Leawood, KS.  Sen. Vratil is a close friend and ally of Sen. Tim Owens, the Kansas senator fighting to gerrymander out his primary challenger.

No word on why Chief Justice Vratil has not recused herself.

Corrected: May 21, 2012.  We incorrectly identified Chief Justice Vratil as Senator Tim Owens' spouse, when she is in fact his former spouse.


Anonymous said...

Because she's not married to John Vratil.

James said...

Yes, she's just his ex-wife...