Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Obama's SAT Scores Lower than Bush's?

Breitbart.com continues their vetting of Obama by taking a look at the average SAT scores of transfer students for the year Obama transferred to Columbia University.  Their analysis is anything but definitive, but until Obama releases his educational records it is the best we can hope for. They found the average SAT scores for students like Obama were more than 100 points lower than George W. Bush's.

Lending credibility to their analysis, Breitbart notes Obama's description of his academic prowess:

In his autobiography, Dreams from My Father, Barack Obama describes himself as an unfocused high school student whose mother scolded him for being a "loafer" (142). He describes his attitude toward his studies at Occidental as “indifferent” (146), calling himself a “bum” who abused drugs (138) and who was notorious for partying all weekend (165). 

The story seems to backup a different one we told you about during the 2008 presidential campaign in which a statistical analysis estimated Obama's SAT score at around 1104 and his IQ to be around 116.


Anonymous said...

Breitbart is a joke. Like Matt Drudge and Rasmussen.

geoffrey ellis aronson said...

In the article, Breitbart interviewed only one administrator at the college. Any journalist worth his salt knows the first law of journalism, two sources-then you can aver. Bad journalism. The rest is pure conjecture. Go back to journalism class.8g