Friday, May 25, 2012

Obama's Department of Justice Orders University to Allow Men Dressed as Women to Use Women's Locker Room Showers

Okay, while that isn't exactly what Obama's Department of Justice did, it can't be far off.

According to Inside Higher Education, the Justice Department has ordered University of Arkansas-Fort Smith to change their bathroom policies regarding those who consider themselves transgendered.  What that means for UAFS female students is that any man who puts on a dress will be allowed to pop-a-squat next to them anytime they choose.  It should be noted that UAFS has made available several gender neutral restrooms throughout the campus, but that apparently wasn't enough of a concession.

Unfortunately for women, LGBTQRSXL advocates are willing to put acceptance of perversion above safety. Now thanks to Obama, in the future guys like the one caught in a JCCC women's restroom have to do to make their actions legal is put on a dress.

Update 12:01pm:  Braly, the transgendered student who filed the original complaint with the DOJ about UAFS's bathroom policies, also complained to them about the school's housing policies.  A spokesman for the school stated that the DOJ indicated to them it is illegal to deny anyone access to "public facilities" based on the gender they identify with.  So, not only are bathrooms open, according to the DOJ so too are locker rooms, dressing rooms, and more.


Anonymous said...

You're starting to write like you're the local version of the Washington Examiner!

It's not OBAMA's DOJ, its OURS! I didn't notice you talking about BUSH's War in Iraq. Did you?

James said...

First, this blog dates to early 2008, so not much time to blog about Bush... however:

But whose counting?

James said...

As for not being Obama's DOJ, you should look into how the DOJ is staffed. Eric Holder, fast and furious, voter intimidation, etc... whose DOJ is it again?

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