Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Obama, Cleaver to Use DOJ, IRS to Teach Black Pastors How to Campaign for Obama and Maintain Tax Exempt Status

It is strictly forbidden within the IRS tax code for organizations like churches to campaign on behalf of politicians, but that isn't stopping Obama and MO Rep Emanuel Cleaver from doing all they can to "bend" those rules:

"We will have representatives from nine denominations who actually pastor somewhere in the neighborhood of about 10 million people, and we're going to first of all equip them with the information they need to know about what they can say and what they cannot say in the church that would violate their 501c3 status with the IRS," Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., told MSNBC today.
"In fact, we're going to have the IRS administrator there, we're going to have the Attorney General Eric Holder there, we're going to have the lawyers' organization from around the country, the ACLU -- all giving ministers guidance about what they can and cannot do," he noted.
While Cleaver states they will not tell the pastors who to support, they will tell them who not to, a way of end running the campaigning ban.
"President Obama is going to get 95 percent of the [African American] vote," and wants to keep that turnout high. "We want to let them know that there is a theological responsibility to participate in the political process, at least in the Judeo-Christian tradition," he said.

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