Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kristol Brags About Purging Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul Types Out of the Republican Party

After waxing poetically about dragging President Obama to the side of Israel, Bill Kristol, son of a communist spy, explained succinctly why he and the establishment Republicans have worked so hard to prevent Ron Paul and his supporters from having a seat at the GOP table. Basically, they don't support an Israel centered foreign policy so they should be purged from the party:   
"I think the good news is [Ron Paul] didn’t do well…I mean, the big story in the Republican Party over the last 30 years and I’m personally very happy about this as a Republican is first the eclipsing of I’d say the [George H.W.] Bush [Brent] Scowcroft [James] Baker traditional—it’s unfair to say-- hostility to Israel-- but lack of closeness and warmth for Israel … I say this as someone who served in the first Bush White House and has high regard for the first president Bush, but it was an Arabist, old fashioned Republican Party, which was certainly very concerned about relations with Arab states that were not friendly with Israel and skeptical about the case for Israel. They have really been eclipsed by the Reagan George W. Bush McCain kind of tradition of a more sympathetic attitude toward Israel, greater support for Israel.
The other thing that for 20 years now that has been a worry for many of us on the Republican conservative side, was the rise of -- the return of the Pat Buchanan/Ron Paul type of hostility to Israel. The good news is that doesn’t have much support in the Republican Party or the presidential field or Congress….”"
Kristol resorts to what is becoming an all too common tactic in today's political climate and that is to invoke The Gipper when trying to build support for an unpopular position.  Here Kristol wants us to believe that Reagan's approach to Israel was akin to W's and that Reagan was a staunch supporter of Israel.  Unfortunately for Kristol, this argument simply does not reflect reality.

Reagan was an outspoken critic of Israel during his first term.  He was so furious over their unprovoked attack on an Iraqi reactor that he supported a UN resolution condemning Israel.  Against Israel's wishes, Reagan also authorized the sale of AWACs to Saudi Arabia, helping to make them our strongest ally in the region. Reagan suspended strategic cooperation with Israel after they annexed the Golan Heights in '81 to expand settlements.  Reagan halted delivery of F-16s to Israel over their occupation of Lebanon. He also ordered US troops to protect PLO fighters in Lebanon as they fled to safety.  Reagan even lobbied congress not to raise economic aid to Israel.

Only after the 1982 congressional elections, where a wave of new pro-Israel congressmen were elected, did Reagan's policies toward Israel begin to change.  To call Reagan pro-Israel is revisionist history.  He did not come to the side of support for Israel willingly, but instead was dragged there by a powerful lobby that was quickly increasing its web of influence, so much so that Pat Buchanan famously labeled DC as Israeli occupied territory.

When Kristol boasts of driving out paleoconservatives and Ron Paul types from the Republican party, what he also boasts of is subverting Reagan's policies towards Israel.

Since Kristol and his friends at the New American Century got their way with regards to Iraq during the G.W. Bush administration, militant Islam has spread like wildfire throughout the region.  Islamists now control Yemen, Lebanon, Pakistan, and Egypt.  Instead of making the world safe for Israel, an Israel centered foreign policy has made the world more dangerous for the United States, something, Kristol and his Israeli lobbyist pals are apparently proud of.

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