Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kansas' Tax Cuts - What Will They Say If It Works?

Democrats and moderate Republicans in Kansas have been beside themselves with fear over new tax cuts signed into law by Gov. Brownback:

The governor and his team have presented no credible evidence that drastically slashing income tax rates will bring jobs and prosperity to Kansas. The more likely outcome is a deterioration of the quality of education in the state, higher college tuition bills and an even more diminished quality of life for the disabled and poor.
Put all their negativity aside for a moment, what will those same detractors say if the tactic works and lowering taxes brings new jobs and businesses to Kansas?  "Impossible," they will not doubt respond, but less than 24 hours after being signed into law the tax cuts have neighboring states running scared:
Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin today urged state legislators to quickly approve an income tax cut, citing the need to remain competitive with Kansas.
“Businesses, employers and families have a choice when deciding where to locate. One of the most important factors they consider is the income tax. Currently, Oklahoma is sandwiched between Texas, which has no income tax, and Kansas, which has just taken steps to lower their rate below Oklahoma’s. Both of these states are lead by conservative governors and legislators who are serious about job creation and delivering the most pro-business and pro-growth environment they can. Oklahoma needs to compete with our neighbors; to do that, we need to lower our income tax.”  

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