Friday, May 25, 2012

Kansas City Stays Losing, AMC Closes P&L District's Only Movie Theatre

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It didn't take long for AMC, headquartered in Kansas City, to start shutting down theatres after selling out to a Chinese company.  The first to go is the company's upscale theatre located in the city's fledgling Power & Blight District.

On a positive note, KC's homeless may soon have a new venue to hold their brawls.

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Kyle Rohde said...

Much as it saddens me to see this decision being made, I wonder if it's more inconvenient timing and a desire to stop working with the Cordish Company on anything, than something tied to the Chinese sale. No one seems to like working with Cordish and we'll see the evidence of that when their plan to make movies at Mainstreet cost $50 a piece by requiring dinner service fails miserably.