Tuesday, March 27, 2012

As Hundreds Gather on the Plaza to Protest the Shooting of Trayvon Martin, Where is KC's Most Prolific Hispanic Blogger

When George Zimmerman after fatally shooting and killing Trayvon Martin was determined to be an act of self-defense by police and Florida prosecutors many people justly grew concerned that an injustice was being done.  Folks like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson rushed down to Florida to shine a spot light on what they called a crime of "walking while black."  Media outlets rushed to get the story out about the racist actions of a gun touting nut who had previous run ins with police and had once been accused of domestic violence.

Outrage across the nation grew over police not arresting Zimmerman.  Protests and marches sprang up all over the country.

Of course, that was all before they knew George Zimmerman was not white, despite the sounding of his name. In fact, George Zimmerman, registered Democrat, is a self described Hispanic, but you'd never know it by listening to media reports.  When alternative media started to point out Mr. Zimmerman's ethnicity mainstream media outlets like the New York Times introduced a new term into our lexicon, the "white Hispanic."  Even that wasn't enough.

Local media outlets like KMBZ and KCTV 5, when ever speaking about the case, began describing Trayvon Martin as black and George Zimmerman has having a white father and Hispanic mother.  What is that?  Do they describe President Obama the first president with a white mother and black father or do they rightly call him our first black president?

That isn't where the revelations ended.

A witness came forward to tell a local news station in Florida that he saw Martin on top of Zimmerman bashing his head into the ground while Zimmerman cried for help.  The police report leaked to the Orlando Sentinel detailed the events of the night in question as told to them by witnesses and to no one's surprise they ran completely counter to what the race-baiters like Sharpton and Jackson, with the help of the media, had been portraying.  Martin's best friend, who just happens to be black, came forward in Zimmerman's defense.  It was also revealed that Zimmerman mentored two young black kids and their mother also defended Zimmerman as being anything but racist.

Meanwhile, Hispanic groups like La Raza and notoriously racist Kansas City blogger TonysKansasCity have failed to come to the aid of Zimmerman, who now has a $10,000 bounty on his head placed by the Black Panthers.  Where are the calls from them to let cooler heads prevail and let the justice system do its work before conviting Zimmerman in the court of public opinion?

Their notable lack of silence can only be interpreted as an admission that perpetuating the falsehood of Zimmerman as white as being beneficial to their anti-white, race-baiting agenda.

On a somewhat related note, while hundreds gathered on the plaza to demand Zimmerman's head, 13 year old Allen Coon still sits recovering from his wounds wondering when, if ever police will arrest the two black teens who, in broad daylight, poured gasoline on him and set him on fire for the simple crime of being white in a black neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

If George Zimmerman is white, then why do people like Tony of Tony's KC call people like me racists for not wanting large numbers of George Zimmermans in the USA?

Zeke said...

Maybe one of the most clueless pieces of writing I've read in years.

kushibo said...

You should be aware that the picture you show above is NOT the “burn victim.” It's actually a beleaguered woman in Afghanistan who set herself on fire.

You have to wonder why people are putting that fake picture out. Where did you find it?


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