Monday, October 17, 2011

Tivol Ads Target Niche Gay Marriage Demographic

A new Census report showed same-sex couples make up only one half of 1 percent of US households. Meanwhile, gay marriage has been put up to a vote 31 times across the US and has lost every single time.

Tivol's marketing team doesn’t seem to be very smart... they’re targeting the smallest of niche markets while potentially upsetting a huge segment of the population.


Ashley Johnson said...

They're not smart because they are about accepting others, and are for equality? That wasn't a very smart comment from you.

profile said...

i know that it is possible for human to do anything that they want but don't you think its morally right to do such a thing? a man is marrying a man is like a lust-love relationship even if you look at it in different ways.

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