Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More People Speaking Out Against Anti-Semitic Occupy Wall St Movement


Rick in PV said...

To call this movement as a whole anti-Semitic based on a handful of individual comments is ridiculous. Glad to know your antennae are sensitive to Jew-hatred, though. Now Pat Buchanan, there is a real racist and anti-Semite for you. And yet he is feted in the conservative media, including our own KCMO-AM, where he was interviewed Tuesday. Shame on them!

Anonymous said...

Isolated incidents? LOL Rick, let's be serious. Occupy Wall St organizers planned and organized marches on the homes of wealthy Jews, where were the evil rich gentiles on their target lists?

There is tons of evidence that the Occupy Wall St movement is anti-Semitic, sure some useful idiots have jumped on board who may not be, but the organizers have clearly targetted one ethnic group and are pointing the usefull idiots' anger towards them... I seem to recall another socialist movement in the late 30's doing something very similar and we all know how that turned out.