Monday, September 26, 2011

A Story of Hope or Despair?


On the surface this story about a Church’s Chicken employee who was severely burned by grease when a car crashed into the building sounds like a story of hope, but if you look a little closer you’ll find a story that accentuates everything that is wrong with our society.

According to police, a 75 year old woman jumped the curb and smashed her car into the building, hitting with enough force to crack the wall.   This raises the first problem, respect for our elders.  Sure, we should respect our elders, but we also should stop providing drivers licenses to the elderly people who have no business being on the road. 

The second issue is the Church’s franchise itself.  It is owned by an Indian immigrant couple who no doubt took out an SBA loan to purchase the facility and pay the franchise fees.  The problem here is being new immigrants they likely did not have the collateral or funds to qualify for a million dollar plus loan, but since the SBA programs provide government guaranteed loans to minorities that they do not provide to other Americans who may not have the assets to use a collateral but may otherwise have pristine credit histories. it was no problem for them to purchase the franchise.

The third problem is this new business owner now needs to staff his business, but instead of hiring and out of work US citizen or teenagers, he hires an illegal immigrant who he can pay far less and pay under the table avoiding taxes, workers compensation, and other insurance.

The fourth problem arose when the accident happened.  Not being covered by workers comp, the cost for treating the severely burned illegal immigrant fell to the KU Med Center and tax payers.

The fifth problem can be seen by those that drive by the restaurant that now sits closed.  With no customers, the company has no means to make revenue, with no revenue the company can not pay back its SBA loan, with the SBA loan nearing default the duty to pay it off will fall onto the federal government and again, the tax payer.

When will this country start using commonsense in our policies?

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