Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Double Dexter: Double the Fun

I spent last night in the mind of a serial killer.  I might be ashamed to admit it had it been an isolated incident, but there is just something about Dexter Morgan that I just can’t get enough of.  Thankfully author Jeff Lindsay has seen fit to feed my addiction with Double Dexter, his latest novel in the series featuring America’s favorite serial killer.

Fans of the novels and the Showtime television series Dexter, which is based off Lindsay’s books, will be delighted with Double Dexter.  Lindsay grabs our attention from page one as the story opens on Dexter skulking in the rain awaiting his next victim.  But unlike Dexter’s previous forays into murder something goes awry.  All the careful planning, the precision with which he disposes of his victim is all for not when Dexter hears a door slam shut and a car tear off down the street.  He’s been seen.

When the hammer of justice fails to come crashing down on Deeply Disturbed Dexter he can’t help but see ghosts around every corner and that is just where the story begins.

Even if you haven’t read Lindsay’s previous work, Double Dexter is a great place to jump on board.  You’ll see a side of Dexter’s sister Debra you never knew, you’ll run into some old friends and old nemeses you thought long gone.  Double Dexter is one of Lindsay’s best. It’s fast paced story starts right away and doesn’t stop until the very last page.

Double Dexter is set to be released on Oct 18, 2011.  Pre-order yours now at and other fine book stores.


Anonymous said...

There is a typo in the article. Array should be "awry."

Anonymous said...

And 'all for not' should be 'all for nought'.