Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Broken Schools: Our Take on the Paseo High Academy Riot

h/t: tonyskansascity 

After watching that video, how can anyone still be against school choice?


Anonymous said...

After watching this video, how could anyone still want America to become a minority-majority nation? You think that's bad, get used to it. It's only going to get worse and it won't be limited to certain areas. Just look at what is happening to the Plaza.

JoCo said...

After watching this video, how could anyone want "school choice"??

Afterall, it might mean DARK FACES like these attending YOUR school!

SOS said...

Where are the parents of these kids and the "leaders" in the black community?
The parents are AWOL or even afraid of their own children, or they have no idea where they are and what they're doing, and clearly don't much care.
The self-appointed spokesmen for the black community are still stuck back in the '60s, preaching about victimization, entitlement, and blaming others.
Who are the adults in the black community who talk about accountability, responsibility, excellence, competition, and achievement? Not a sound!
When the young people listen to and watch what and how the adults do, why should anyone expect them not to behave the way they do.
And families that want something better for themselves and their kids leave KCMO.
It's way past time for some new serious black leadership and some of the new young people are leading the way. Also time for some of the same old crowd to get their snouts out of the public trough and support a positive change in their community.
Look at the east side. Can anyone claim success?