Friday, October 22, 2010

Update: NBC Action News Releases Name of Dead Politico and Confirms Fraudulent Votes Being Cast by Deceased Voters


The famous politico that remains on the voter rolls despite being dead is none other than former Kansas governor, William Avery.  KSHB is reporting he has since been removed by county officials.

However, they have also confirmed that among the 6,000 deceased voters still on the rolls in Kansas and Missouri, many are still casting ballots:

NBC Action News Investigators have identified  records in both Kansas and Missouri where, officially, ballots were recorded as being cast using the identities of dead voters.

As previously surmised, SOS and candidate for US Senate from the great state of Missouri Robin Carnahan’s refusal to purge deceased voters from the rolls was mentioned.

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Hyperblogal said...

and let's don't forget those casting votes in the 40th who are not citizens and those who don't live where they vote. Unfortunately, the Kansas City Election Board, has no desire to check into such things. This is the same Board that got five different totals but refused to do a hand recount.