Friday, October 22, 2010

KSHB's Russ Ptacek Breaks Dead Registered Voter Story Already Widely Reported in New Media


KSHB TV 41’s resident investigative journalist, Russ Ptacek is set to break a story about deceased registered voters, including one notable local politico, remaining on Missouri voter rolls.

Area conservatives have long warned the public of the outdated registered voter lists maintained by the Missouri Secretary of States’ office.  And with the recent voter irregularities resulting in the fraudulent election of John Rizzo in MO’s 40th house district concerns of voter fraud have intensified.

However, the real story behind deceased voters remaining on rolls is not who is on those rolls, but why they are still there. 

Overshadowed by Stephen Colbert’s recent testimony before congress was testimony given by Christopher Coates, former attorney for the Department of Justice. In the September 24th hearing Coates stated that Robin Carnahan, in her role as Secretary of State for Missouri, refused to comply with mandates to remove deceased voters from rolls.  New media caught the statements which were completely ignored by local press.

Why is it important to keep voting rolls cleared of deceased voters?  Because anyone with access to the obituary page, Google, and the Vote Missouri website, an initiative created by Robin Carnahan, gives these election thieves all the details they need to cast fraudulent ballots and steal elections.

Robin Carnahan won her position as MO Secretary of State thanks in large part to funding provided by the controversial Secretary of State Project created by George Soros.  The group’s stated goals are to protect elections, but candidates they’ve managed to successfully place in office have been linked to several suspect election outcomes, including Al Franken’s Senate election in MN and John Rizzo’s MO 40th House election.

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