Wednesday, October 27, 2010

KMBC's Mike Mahoney Going the Extra Mile Trying to Make it Up to Fellow Democrat Cronies

A little over a week ago KMBC’s Mike Mahoney released video of Stephen E Moore that revealed just how unready for primetime she really is.  Calls for Mahoney’s head from leftist across the region seem to have inspired the local newsie to go the extra mile in trying to perpetuate sorry excuses for “October Surprises” on area GOP candidates.

First, he ambushed KS congressional candidate Kevin Yoder over a traffic ticket for speeding he received nearly 2 years ago in which Yoder, an attorney, opted not to take a preliminary breath test after passing a field sobriety test.  The implication is that Yoder is an alcoholic drunk not afraid to hope in a car and run your kids over.:

Now Mahoney is going after MO senate candidate Roy Blunt over false allegations he hired an illegal alien to clean his home nearly 20 years ago. Again an allegation that holds no water.  Not only is the illegal alien in question not making this claim, but none of KC’s so-called journalists can even locate her when she supposedly lives right up the road in St. Louis.:

Mike Mahoney should be ashamed of his obvious pandering to the left.  Not only has every other news source already dismissed these stories as holding no water, but even the DCCC (Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee) and DSCC (Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee) have withdrawn funding for both Yoder’s opponent Stephene Moore and Blunt’s opponent Robin Carnahan.

If Mahoney wants to do some real reporting, why doesn’t he follow up on KSHB’s Russ Ptacek investigation that revealed dead voters are casting ballots in area elections and how MO Secretary of State Robin Carnahan refused to comply with a federal mandate to purge dead voters from rolls making those fraudulent votes possible.


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