Monday, October 25, 2010

KC Police Nab More Than 200 in Immigration Raid


Chief Corwin’s willingness to ignore thousands of illegal immigrant criminals roaming the city is well documented,  but when federal agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement showed up at his door demanding cooperation he could do nothing but comply.

KSHB TV 41 has cell phone video footage from last night’s raid of Club Oasis on Southwest Blvd. that resulted in 20 violent criminal arrests and 200 immigration violation citations.  And as you guess, NBC Action News delivers the tired narrative of separating poor immigrant families, while ignoring questions on why so many criminals feel safe to roam the streets of Kansas City.

As for the poor woman in the story worried about her kids being left behind if she is deported, we have a simple solution for you… take them with you.

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Lauren jonczak said...

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