Thursday, October 21, 2010

Emanuel Cleaver and the Democratic Socialists Of America

democrat_socialistAlthough you’d never know it by reading the KC Red Star, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver is facing his toughest re-election bid ever.  His opponent, Jacob Turk is within single digits according to recent polls.

This has Cleaver and KC machine Democrats on the East side running scared and pulling out all the stops, from local media blackouts of Turk’s campaign to arguable racist ads running on predominantly black radio stations.  Fortunately, the new media is picking up the slack.

In August of 2010, Gateway Pundit uncovered a newsletter produced by the Democrat Socialists of America (DSA) which applauded the 70 Democrat congressmen that belong to their caucus.  Among them, none other than Rep. Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri’s 5th District.  A copy of the newsletter can be viewed at scribd.

Why should Cleaver’s membership in this questionable organization be of concern to Missouri voters?  One word, “jobs”.

Emanuel Cleaver says he’ll be better suited to bring new jobs to Missourians than Jacob Turk.  But that goes against the very beliefs of the socialist organization he is a proud member of.

“Socialists have historically supported public ownership and control of the major economic institutions of society -- the large corporations… The fundamental task of democratic socialists is to build anti-corporate social movements… the building of a powerful anti-corporate coalition is the end… ”[1]

Even worse, the DSA describes one of it’s primary goals as the redistribution of income:

“Through control of the government by the Democratic Party coalition, led by anti-corporate forces, a progressive program regulating the corporations, redistributing income, and expanding social programs could be realized.”[2]

Their ultimate goal?  Destruction of American society as we know it:

“If socialism cannot be achieved primarily from above, through a democratic government that owns, control[s] and regulates the major corporations, then it must emerge from below.”[2]

The question for MO 5th District voters on November 2nd is not whether to cast their ballot for Cleaver or Turk, for Democrat or Republican, but whether they wish to re-embrace the proven beliefs and policies that made the United States the richest, most advanced, most liberal society on Earth or whether to throw those traditions away in exchange for socialist policies that have led to the collapse of countless nations and the deaths of millions around the globe.


Anonymous said...

The "Red Star?"

Hey, 1959 called. It asked for you, and said come back anytime.

Anonymous said...

yeah, because socialism has no relation at all to communism. moron

Anonymous said...

I worked at KCMO city hall when the Cleaver was mayor and some die-hards had photos of him in their cubes with his gigantic fro and black panther(ette) fist raised in defiance to the system. I've met the man, he's a socialist, and I actually respect him a bit for being so committed...therefore I shall vote for Turk.